My husband sleeps 6-7 hours straight now. He does not wake up every two hours like he used to. I sleep better too. Thank you.

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We are a small company with an important mission. We want to help anyone who suffers from open-mouth breathing, particularly those who snore and those who suffer from sleep apnea. We want to give these people, and their sleep partners, deep restful rejuvenating sleep.


Our founder suffered from sleep apnea and tried nearly every solution for open-mouth breathing. It took him five years to find the special adhesive strip that later became the Ziezta® sleep strip. This strip was not only the least expensive, least invasive, most convenient solution--it was the only answer to open-mouth breathing that worked. While it was thrilling to find this simple solution, it should not have taken five years of searching. Our short-term goal is to get information, and the Ziezta® strip itself, into the hands of the people who need it, as quickly as we can.

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We believe

If we improve the quality of our sleep, we will improve the one-third of our lives spent resting, as well as improve the two-thirds when we are active.

Better sleep improves our chances to enjoy long healthy lives. There is no “downside” to a good night’s rest.

If we can breathe normally (through the nose) during the day, we can learn to breathe normally at night.

Solutions that are in concert with our body’s natural operation are preferable to those that circumvent or constrain it.

Simple solutions are preferable to complex solutions.

Solutions that cost pennies a day will reach more people than those that are 10- or 20-fold more expensive.

It is our sincere hope that you will help us with our mission. Please tell your friends about the Ziezta® sleep strip

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